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Shaker Alkaabneh

Project title

Organisational Adoption of AI ethics: A case study of UK FinTechs.


Shaker Alkaabneh

Project description

Innovations in ‘big data’ analytics and the emergence of the ‘big data industry’ and secondary data market has disrupted the Financial Services (FS) industry. The Financial industry is well-positioned to benefit from analytics due to the volume of data within the industry, specifically, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and Machine Learning (ML) are being utilised to create new financial products, referred to as FinTech.

Owing to the proliferation of AI/FinTech enabled FS in the UK, the pressure is mounting to design and govern AI to be accountable, fair, and transparent. Yet, little is known about how companies within the AI/FinTech enabling FS introduce ethics through their operations, specifically, into their culture.