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Athena SWAN

Athena SWAN

ICaMB aims to provide a good working environment for our staff and follows the main guidelines of the Athena Swan Charter, advocating equality and diversity for all members.

Newcastle University was proud to be awarded an Athena SWAN (Scientific Women's Academic Network) bronze award in 2009 (renewed in 2012) as part of the Athena SWAN Charter. The Award recognises good employment practice and the promotion of women working in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine.

We submitted our application for an Athena SWAN Silver award in November 2014. We identified areas where we need to improve and many elements of good practice, and used the results of our staff survey to inform some of our actions.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions that are relevant to how we should best prosecute the Athena Swan concepts within the institute, contact any member of our Steering Group.

Submitted Athena Swan application

Equality and Diversity Group

Membership of the Athena SWAN Equality and Diversity Group are:

  • Dr Lucy Crouch
  • Prof Colin Harwood
  • Joanna Keith (Admin Lead): Institute Manager; member of the Institute Executive Committee and Institute Research Strategy Group.  Joanna has been fully supported throughout her University career by the Institute who have helped guide and support her through her postgraduate studies whilst bringing up a young family and she is now able to move on to a newer stage in her life which involves reducing her working time from 100% FTE to 80% FTE from 1st October 2017.
  • Prof Robert Lightowlers
  • Catherine Pyle (Secretary): Secretary and PA to the director. Catherine has worked at the University for 23 years and in ICaMB for 13 years. She and her University employed husband have seen a major positive shift to support working parents while bringing up two children.
  • Prof Janet Quinn (Chair): Professor of Eukaryotic Microbiology, member of IRSG. Jan has taken two periods of maternity leave and has two school-aged children. She is the Institute’s Women’s Promotion Champion and mentorship co-ordinator.
  • Bill Saint
  • Dr Gabriele Saretzki
  • Dr Peter Chater: Postdoctoral Researcher in ICAMB interested in modelling the digestive tract for drug delivery. 
  • Dr Daniela Vollmer: Part-time research technician at ICaMB for 10 years. Without any family support nearby and an husband in academia, working flexibility at ICaMB was a prerequisite for returning to work after a 5 year career-break and still does help balancing family duties and work commitments. 
  • Helen Glenwright: Part-time research technician. Has worked at the University for 13 years. Through the support of the University she has recently become a Registered Scientist and continues to balance work life with bringing up her three children.
  • Dr Vinciane Saint-Criq
  • Dr Elisabeth Lowe
  • Dr Lisa Prendergast
  • Yasmin Ahmed:Currently a full time PhD research student in the lab of Professor Jan Quinn and joined SAT to offer a PhD student perspective.

Members of Newcastle University can view the notes of our Athena SWAN Equality and Diversity Group on our internal website.

Further information

For further information on the Athena SWAN Charter for Women in Science, please go to the Athena SWAN website.

The Charter is managed by the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU). It is funded by ECU, the Royal Society, the Biochemical Society and the Department of Health.