Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences



We encourage all research students to take the opportunity to benefit from mentorship to support their career development.

We arrange mentorships for all research students and staff in ICaMB.

There are structured mentorship schemes in place for specific groups of new researchers. These schemes are tailored with the aim of best meeting your needs at different stages in your career and also to meet individual preferences in mentorship styles.

PhD students

PhD students are all allocated mentors, and may request a mentor of a specific gender. If you have not yet met your mentor, wish to have a different mentor or have any queries about working with your mentor please contact Louise Campbell.

Postdoctoral researchers

Postdoctoral researchers may receive one-to-one mentoring through our ICaMB Postdoctoral Mentorship Scheme (IPMS). Your mentor can be one of the PIs in ICaMB or a member of academic staff from a different institute. The scheme is very flexible. You decide with your mentor when and how often to meet and what you wish to discuss.

We provide guidance notes about the scheme for both mentees and mentors. Read our guidelines for mentors (PDF: 220KB).

To receive mentorship through this scheme contact our mentorship co-ordinator, Professor Janet Quinn.

Independent research fellows

Independent research fellows are appointed a mentorship team who have relevant academic expertise. If you are not yet receiving support through this mechanism contact Professor Bob Lightowlers, who will arrange the team in consultation with you.

Early Careers Mentoring Network

The Early Careers Mentoring Network is an alternative/supplement to these schemes for both PhD students and postdoctoral researchers that operates in a less-structured way. It provides drop-in support and advice, rather than one-to-one mentorship.

This scheme operates across four institutes:

  • ICaMB
  • the Institute for Neuroscience (IoN)
  • the Northern Institute for Cancer Research (NICR)
  • the Institute of Genetic Medicine (IGM)

ICaMB members can access further details of the scheme. This includes a list of mentors, along with information on their careers/experience.

Get involved

If you wish to receive mentorship but do not belong to any of the above groups then contact our mentorship co-ordinator, Professor Janet Quinn. She will ensure that we arrange this for you.

You can also contact Professor Quinn if you would like to be a mentor but have not yet provided your details for our database.