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Leading Edge

Leading Edge - Aiming to Inspire

The Leading Edge scheme introduces school students to the world of scientific research.

Leading Edge is a partnership between:

  • Newcastle University
  • Newcastle City Council
  • North Tyneside Learning Trust
  • Northumbria University

The scheme has developed over the last seven years from being run with two schools for Year 11/12 students to now having 12 schools participating with participants from Year 8/9.


To team a group of school students with a research-active academic to develop a project and get hands-on experience in the researcher’s laboratory. Projects ranged from discovering the what, where and how of antibiotics to the effect of light on graphene.

The scheme is interdisciplinary, involving Newcastle University academics from:

ICaMB participants include Dr Phillip Aldridge, Dr Jeremy Brown and Dr Ben Horrocks (Affiliate Member).

Get involved

For further details and advice of how to get your school involved in Leading Edge please contact Dr Phillip Aldridge or Sarah Lickess.