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Professor Sir James Baddiley

Professor Sir James Baddiley

Professor Sir James Baddiley is one of the most eminent science alumni of Newcastle University. Born in 1918, he read chemistry at Manchester University and completed his PhD there with Alexander Todd.  He moved to Cambridge with A Todd (1944) to work on nucleotide and nucleoside synthesis; first structurally definitive chemical synthesis of ATP.  Highlights of his career include:

  • Chair of Organic Chemistry (later, Chemical Microbiology), Newcastle (1956)
  • Major research on the structures of several nucleotide co-enzymes, notably determining the structure of co-enzyme A
  • Seminal contribution: discovery and naming of the teichoic acids and lipoteichoic acids (major constituents of many bacterial walls)
  • Semi-retirement in Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge (1980)
  • Major review on teichoic in 2003 (Neuhaus & Baddiley, 2003)

Prof Sir Jim Baddiley’s scientific contributions were marked by many awards. All of the following came during his time at Newcastle.

  • Fellow of the Royal Society (1961)
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (1963)
  • Leeuwenhoek Lectureship of the Royal Society (1967)
  • Davy Medal of the Royal Society (1974)
  • Knighthood (1977)