Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences



We provide proteomics and biological mass spectrometry at Newcastle.

Pinnacle has been successfully operating a range of scientific services at Newcastle since 1992.

We operate as an ICaMB facility providing a wide selection of proteomic and biological MS analysis capabilities. This includes MALDI and high-performance electrospray mass spectrometry to institute staff and collaborators.

We offer a limited number of collaborative 'partnerships'. For a modest annual fee our partners can have preferential access to all our equipment and data analysis software, as well as our in-house expertise for experimental design (grant and publication writing), experimental execution and results interpretation.

Some of the most commonly requested services that the Pinnacle team deliver include:

  • identify or confirm a protein
  • measure the intact mass of a protein or biomolecule
  • analyse post translational modifications
  • perform quantitative proteomic analysis
  • discuss other requirements

If the above do not match your requirements then feel free to contact the unit.