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Origins of Life - a workshop, 18 January 2017, Baddiley-Clark Seminar Room

As part of a recently-established collaboration with a multi-disciplinary group based at the Tokyo Institute for Technology in Japan, we will be holding a workshop, Origins of Life, on 18 January in the Baddiley-Clark Seminar Room (Baddiley-Clark Building).

The leader, Dr Shige Maruyama, is a world-renowned geochemist and his colleagues include astrophysicists, microbiologists, biophysicists, bioinformaticians, and others who are all working on the likely pattern of geological events during the earth's formation. They also isolate and study microorganisms similar to those that might have occupied early environmental niches on the planet and try to understand the interconnections between evolutionary steps in life and major changes in planetary geochemistry. They have a group trying to reconstruct life in vitro.

The workshop will include talks from Professor Maruyama and colleagues as well as experts in the field from Newcastle University.  Professor William Martin of the Heinrich-Heine Universität in Dűsseldorf will give a plenary talk. 

  • Dr Toshi Ebisuzaki, Computational Astrophysics Laboratory, Riken:The origin of the Solar System

  • Professor  Shige Maruyama, Institute Professor, Earth –Life Science institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology: Evolutional history of Hadean surface environment and three step model for the emergence of first life

  • Dr Yoichi KamagataDeputy Director General, Department of Life Science and Biotechnology, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology&Dr Hideyuki Tamaki : Research for OD1, microbes from Hakuba

  • Dr Yutetsu Kuruma, Associate Professor, ELSI, Tokyo Institute of Technology & Dr Taku Oshima, Nara Institute of Science and Technology: Next approach to formulation of artificial membrane

  • Dr Masashi Aono, Associate Professor,. ELSI, Tokyo institute of Technology: Synthesis of building blocks of life

  • Professor Jeff Errington, Director, Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology: Invention of peptidoglycan as a key step in the emergence of bacteria?

  • Professor Martin Embley, Professor of Evolutionary Molecular Biology, ICaMB:Eukaryotic origins – what do we currently think we know?

  • Professor Ian Head , Professor of Environmental Microbiology,  Civil Engineering and Geosciences: Waking the (almost) dead: consequences of microbial activity in the deep biosphere

  • Professor Hans-Peter Klenk, Head of School, Biology: From whole genome sequences to the origin of life?

  • Dr Daniel Frankel , Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials: The role of self-assembly in the origins of life

  • Professor Bernard Golding, School of Chemistry: Prebiotic radical chemistry 

  • Professor William Martin, Institute of Molecular Evolution, Heinrich-Heine Universität, Dűsseldorf: The physiology and habitat of Luca

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