Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences

Sensing, Signalling and Expression

Sensing, Signalling and Expression

The Sensing, Signalling and Expression Group is concerned with how DNA is replicated, expressed and how this expression can be altered by sensing change, in the environment or within the eukaryotic cell.

In particular, research in this area is aimed at elucidating the molecular signalling pathways that regulate membrane, cytoplasmic and nuclear events in eukaryotic cells. This includes signalling specific to:

  • cellular ageing
  • cell division and differentiation
  • cell cycle control
  • calcium homeostasis
  • environmental sensing
  • infection and immunity
  • organelle function

Researchers and specialisms

  • Austin: topoisomerase; TOP2B; leukaemia; DNA damage; genotoxicity
  • Cheek: calcium signalling; neuronal development; cellular differentiation
  • Higgins: cell division; kinases; chromatin modifications; histones; human cell biology
  • Huang: chromosome segregation; spindle assembly checkpoint; cell signalling and cell cycle control
  • Kenneth:
  • Korolchuk: nutrient sensing; mTOR; autophagy; ageing
  • Lightowlers: mitochondrial gene expression; mitochondrial biology and disease; mitochondrial genetics; mitoribosomes; mitochondrial protein synthesis
  • Lydall: telomere function; DNA damage response; genome maintenance; cell cycle; yeast
  • Madgwick: meiosis; oocyte maturation; cell cycle control
  • McClurg:
  • Morgan: regulation of oxidative stress response; regulation of cell division; fission fusion yeast genetics
  • Perkins :NF-kB regulation and function; cancer cell proliferation and survival; eukaryotic cell signalling
  • Quinn: eukaryotic redox signalling; stress-activated MAP kinases; Candida pathogenesis
  • Rutherford: model yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Cryptococcus neoformans to study the molecular processes involved in nutrient metabolism
  • Schneider: quality control of RNA; RNA processing and surveillance in yeast and metazoans; endonucleases; ribosome biogenesis; exosome
  • Veal: reactive oxygen species; oxidative stress in eukaryotes; signalling mechanisms; c.elegans
  • Watkins: eukaryotic ribosomes; snoRNPs; ribosomal RNA modifications; treacher-collins syndrome; ribosome biogenesis
  • Whitehall: chromatin assembly; regulation of gene expression; maintenance of genomic integrity