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Dr Jill Hunter

Research Associate


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I was awarded a BSc (Hons) from Manchester University (2007) in Medical Biochemistry and as part of this programme of study undertook a year placement at KuDOS Pharmaceuticals, investigating potential biomarkers to predict response to PARP-1 inhibitors, using proteomics. In 2007 I joined the lab of Prof Barbara Durkacz in the drug discovery team at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research for her PhD studies looking at how PARP-1 regulates NF-kB following DNA damage and TNF-alpha.

In 2011, I joined the lab of Prof Neil Perkins and have developed an interest in the role of RelA and c-Rel in the response to oncogene-induced replication stress. My postdoctoral work has focused on developing in vivo models within the group, with my main interest being in hematological malignancies, in particular B-cell lymphoma.