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Gretel Dixon

Enterprise Adviser (Start-Up Support)



Gretel is a Design, PR and Social Responsibility professional with 10 years international experience in corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial settings.

Prior to joining the Entrepreneurial Development Unit at Newcastle University in 2016, she carried out a variety of jobs in the PR and CSR fields, that took her from launching campaigns for Corona beer’s 40,000 employees in her native Mexico, to auditing social compliance for clients like L'Oreal, Apple and Coca-Cola in the United States, to pitching her own business idea to Microsoft’s marketing team in the UK.

Throughout her career, Gretel has owned businesses in web design and digital marketing, software and IT support as-a-service, and currently also runs her own wedding websites and stationery design studio.

Role and Responsibilities

As an Enterprise Adviser, Gretel provides support to students and graduates exploring their business ideas at early stages, through a 1 to 1 coaching approach.

She supports international students who want to start businesses in the UK, by helping them develop their business ideas to apply for endorsement for a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurship from Newcastle University.

Gretel leads the Rise Up DIY Clubs, a series of themed informal gatherings for Newcastle University entrepreneurs to develop new skills and work in their own projects through peer-support.

Additionally, she is involved in creating and delivering extracurricular workshops and events that inspire innovative business ideas, challenge students to think creatively and foster entrepreneurial networks.


MBA, Newcastle University 2014

Certificate in Design Thinking and Innovation, CEDIM (Mexico) 2013

Diploma in Graphic Design, EduMac Digital Arts Centre (Mexico) 2010

Diploma in Social Profitability, Anahuac University (Mexico) 2009

MA Social Responsibility, Anahuac University (Mexico) 2008

BA Hons Communications (Business and Public Relations), Anahuac University (Mexico) 2005