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Pride of Newcastle University Awards


The Pride of Newcastle University Awards recognise your achievements and contribution to university life and the wider community through your extra-curricular activities. They celebrate students who have shone through in the ‘Celebrating Success Awards’.

These awards acknowledge students involved in activities such as clubs or societies, volunteering, fundraising, starting a new business, representing students or working on campus or beyond. This may be on any of our campuses, or reaching into the wider community on a local, national and international scale.

If you are a winner at any of the Celebrating Success Awards, you may be eligible to go forward to the Pride of Newcastle University Awards. You will then be invited to a celebration dinner where awards will be presented before an audience of students, university staff, graduate recruiters and city leaders. If you are an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Taught award winner, you will also receive formal recognition of your award on your degree transcript.

Shortlisted entrants for the Pride of Newcastle University Awards are announced in May, and winners are announced at the Awards ceremony in June each year. 

Pride of Newcastle University Awards 2020

How to enter

Any current Newcastle University student can enter or be nominated for the Celebrating Success Awards, either as an individual or as a member of a group. If the activity you have been involved in was accredited (eg a module or placement as part of your degree), you must demonstrate how you have gone beyond the expectations and requirements of the activity to be considered for a Celebrating Success or Pride of Newcastle University Award.

Winners from the Celebrating Success Awards will be considered for shortlisting for the Pride of Newcastle University Awards, where they could potentially win any of the 'Outstanding Contribution' categories. Visit the Celebrating Success Awards website for more details.

If you aren’t sure how your activity might fit into the Celebrating Success Awards, please contact the Students' Union.

Nominations for this year's Celebrating Success Awards are now closed and will reopen in February 2021. 

Entry requirements and judging criteria

Entry requirements

To be shortlisted for the Pride of Newcastle University Awards: 

  • you will have nominated yourself, or been nominated by someone else, for a Celebrating Success Award 
  • you will have won a category at a Celebrating Success Awards level as an individual, part of a group or society at any Newcastle University campus, including our campuses in Malaysia, Singapore or London (special arrangements will be made for students outside of Newcastle to celebrate their success locally). Alternatively, you will have been put forward from affiliated University awards.
  • your contribution to the University or our wider community should be demonstrated
  • your activities must have taken place during the last 12 months
  • you must not have received academic credit for any part of this achievement, including those relating to work you have done on behalf of a business, whether employed, working as a volunteer, on placement, or setting up or running your own business
  • students involved in the judging panel or organising the awards cannot be nominated for an individual award but can be part of a wider team that is nominated 

The decision of the judging panel is final and no feedback will be given on individual nominees.

Winning students, societies or projects cannot enter the same category of the following year.

Judging criteria

In assessing nominations, judges will be looking for evidence of how the nominee has made Newcastle University particularly proud within one of the category areas. This will be through outstanding: 

  • innovation
  • effort
  • contribution
  • skill development
  • enterprise
  • impact



For each 'Outstanding Contribution' award, the winning entry will receive £250 and the runner up will receive £50.

All Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught winners will also receive recognition of the award on their degree transcript.

For any society winners, prizes will go to the winning societies, not to the individual who completed the form.


For 2019/20, there are 11 different award categories to recognise our students' outstanding contributions through extra-curricular activity. Click on each category below to see the context and criteria for each award.

For details about eligibility, judging and prizes, see how to enter.

2020 Shortlist

Students at Newcastle University spend countless hours participating in extra-curricular activity on campus, in the local community, our region and even further afield. We are here to reward and celebrate the positive efforts that they make outside of their studies.

Every year NUSU and the University open nominations in a number of award areas (listed in the coming pages), and host ceremonies in May to congratulate those shortlisted. These Award evenings acknowledge students involved in activities such as clubs or societies, student media, volunteering, fundraising, starting a new business, representing students and working on campus or beyond. These might take place on any of our campuses, or reaching into the wider community on a local, national and international scale.

Selected winners from each award area are chosen and put through to the Pride of Newcastle University Awards, forming a ‘best of the best’ in extra-curricular activities. We celebrate the outstanding achievements from across the diverse spectrum on offer here at Newcastle and all nominees are eligible for all Pride of Newcastle University Awards categories. Here is the 2020 shortlist.

2020 Winners

VC Award 

  • Nightline 

Outstanding Contribution to Arts, Media & Culture 

  • Molly Greeves 
  • Joe Molander 

Outstanding Contribution to the Community 

  • Newcastle University First Responders 
  • NEST Operation Charlie 
  • Highly Commended – Men’s Rugby Union 

Outstanding Contribution to Diversity & Cultural Awareness 

  • Hindu and Sikh - This HAS to Happen 
  • Tobias Lawrence (LGBT+ Officer) 

Outstanding Contribution to Global Outlook 

  • NEST 
  • Mahmoud Habib 

Outstanding Contribution to Lifelong Health & Wellbeing 

  • Voltage 
  • Eat a Rainbow 

Outstanding Contribution to Sport 

  • Ultimate Frisbee Women’s 1st Team 
  • Josh Szymanis - Men’s Basketball 

Outstanding Contribution to Student Life 

  • Matthew Dark 
  • Pole & Aerial Society 
  • Highly Commended: Tim Rodaway 

Outstanding Contribution to Student Voice 

  • Abigail Darby 
  • Khaleel Shazada 
  • Highly commended: Georgia Corbett 

Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability & the Environment 

  • Emilie Coutin 
  • Extinction Rebellion 

Outstanding Contribution to the Workplace 

  • Holly Fry 
  • Michael Cook 

Alumni Achievement Awards: Rising Star 

  • Dylan McKee 

Alumni Achievement Awards: Alumni Impact 

  • Colin Herron