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Student Initiative Fund


Supported by alumni donations, the Student Initiative Fund (SIF) is available to students and recent graduates who are looking for funding of up to £500 to run student-led extracurricular projects. As well as a grant, the Student Initiative Fund offers support, expertise and advice from the Careers Service and Students' Union to help you develop your project.


All Newcastle University students and Newcastle University graduates within six months of graduating can apply for the Student Initiative Fund.


Your project must:

  • be extracurricular
  • provide a learning opportunity or help develop skills
  • be student-led
  • meet all Health and Safety and Risk Assessment requirements for a University project
  • start within a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of a year from the presentation date

Your project cannot:

  • be a regular or recurring event (such as an annual society ball or a regular sporting event)
  • fund a charity
  • pose a risk to the reputation of the University in any way
  • be an individual project that does not involve or impact on others

The funding cannot:

  • be the only source of funding/support for the project (projects need to find additional sources of support such as support in kind, self-funding through ticket sales, other grants etc)
  • pay for University goods and services
  • pay for expenses, travel costs or fees associated with overseas volunteering
  • pay exclusively for food and drink for an event

Projects could include, for example, running an event or providing a service or product that directly benefits others such as local communities, voluntary organisations or students.

See case studies for previous projects.

How to apply

To apply for the Student Initiative fund, you need to follow the steps below. 

Case studies

Many of our students have received support from the Student Initiative Fund. Here are some examples of their successful projects.

More help

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Promoting your project

Networking and useful contacts 


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