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Globally and culturally aware

Globally and culturally aware

Employers are increasingly looking for students and graduates who can work and communicate in a global environment.

Having this ability means you can:

  • appreciate and respect cultural differences and perspectives
  • communicate and work with people from different countries and backgrounds
  • understand how world issues, whether economic, environmental and political, can affect society and people’s lives on a local and global scale 

How can you become more globally and culturally aware? 

These are just some examples of what you can do while you’re at Newcastle.  

On your course  

  •  Incorporate global and cultural themes into your research and project work and discuss them during group work and seminars, where appropriate. 
  • Collaborate with students from other countries and cultures to broaden your perspective and share your own insights with them.
  • Take on a role as a course or School rep to listen to learning and wellbeing concerns from students of all backgrounds and raise these on their behalf.
  • Choose a careers module, where you can gain academic credit for joining, or creating a professional, multicultural team.  

Outside your course   

  • Immerse yourself in another culture by working and studying abroad through a university study exchange, summer programme or work placement.
  • Arrange an overseas placement year, or learn about global business etiquette by working in the UK with a business involved in international trade.
  • Learn a new language through the Language Resource Centre.
  • Use opportunities to meet students from other countries and cultures. You could take part in a mutual language/culture exchange in conversation and peer assisted learning groups. Or attend external international student cafés such as The Globe.
  • Carry out research with a global or cultural theme through a university Research Scholarship or Expedition.
  • Volunteer for a project or charity you’re interested in. This could be with a local charity or project, incorporating different cultures within our community, or it could be a global charity tackling worldwide issues. Start by visiting Go Volunteer in the Students’ Union, which offers a huge range of charity connections and ongoing projects. You can also apply for funding to create your own volunteering project.  
  • Create or join a society with a global or cultural theme.
  • Work as a community rep to learn more about the cultures making up your local community and increase student involvement in it.
  • Consider other representation or ambassador roles such as  Hall rep, FutureMe Mentor or Student Ambassador to increase your exposure of working with people from different backgrounds and listening to their concerns.
  • A part-time job while you study, or work experience, can allow you to mix with staff, customers or clients from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Take an interest in Students’ Union campaigns and initiatives which promote diversity and cultural awareness.
  • Increase your awareness and understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). The Library has a useful EDI guide, with information resources relating to EDI themes. You can find information on diversity and equality in the workplace on the Careers Service website.
  • Look for global competitions where you can learn from and compete against students from around the world. 
  • Stay informed about what is happening in the world by following the news and attending events.
  • Register for the ncl+ award to gain recognition for your extra-curricular activities and reflect on the skills and awareness you’ve gained.  

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photo of various countries' flags to portray global awareness