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Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies can provide an additional source of employment opportunities during your job hunt.

Recruitment agencies manage the recruitment process for organisations and companies who have chosen to outsource vacancies. They work to match your skills and qualities to suitable roles.

If you register with a recruitment agency, you will normally send in or upload your CV, then complete an online or face-to-face interview as part of the registration. The interview helps assess your skills, qualities and abilities. It's also your chance to specify the types of work you are looking for.

The agency should then match your skills to suitable jobs and arrange interviews with potential employers.

You should never have to pay for a recruitment agency’s services, particularly if they offer to overhaul your CV. Remember, the Careers Service will check it for free.

You're under no obligation to accept a job from an agency if you think it is unsuitable, but don’t dismiss temporary work. It's often offered by agencies and may enhance your CV by providing you with the right skills and experience for a permanent position.

Be proactive and keep in contact with the agency. Giving a good impression should spur the agency into action and increase your chances of finding the right job.

Help and advice

Check if an agency is a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

You can get more advice on using recruitment agencies from All About Careers and Recruitment Grapevine: 5 steps to getting the most out of your recruitment agency.

Finding an agency

These sites can help in your search for recruitment agencies: