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More and more Newcastle University graduates are choosing to start their careers in the North East. If you're looking to stay in the North East, you can find links to local vacancies in this section.

In 2016/17, 43% of Newcastle University students who had completed their studies and entered employment in the UK, found jobs in the region (2016/17 Destination of Leavers from Higher Education survey)

Local newspapers are often a good source of vacancy information, for example:

  • Evening Chronicle – jobs in the North East and North Yorkshire every Thursday (print version)
  • Northern Echo – business section includes news stories on North East businesses

Find local organisations on MyCareer - click on ‘search organisations’ under the Vacancies tab.

Search online

Use these websites to conduct an online job search:

Newcastle University opportunities

Find job opportunities within the University:

  • Newcastle University Vacancies - current vacancies within the university
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) - three-way partnerships involving a business, a graduate and an academic institution. Graduates work on research projects while gaining industrial experience with an employer. Projects are competitively paid, with funding for personal development, and typically last 1-3 years. They can be found across the UK, with opportunities often available with Newcastle University. View current opportunities.

Public sector jobs

According to the Office for National Statistics around 22% of people in employment in the North East work in the public sector.

The public sector includes education, the NHS and public administration. There is a large hub of this sector located in the North East.

You can look for vacancies on these websites advertising public sector jobs:

Speculative Applications

Making a speculative approach to a company can be an effective way to get a job.

Not all vacancies are advertised, and many people create their own jobs through making contacts and networking.

Identify a company you'd like to work for you and approach them about possible vacancies. Make an initial phone call or email and then follow up with a CV and covering letter

Regional companies

  • Find local organisations on MyCareer - click on ‘search organisations’ under the Vacancies tab.
  • North East Chamber of Commerce - the local Chamber of Commerce website includes a member directory of businesses based within the region, a print copy is available in the Careers Service
  • The Journal Top 200 - listing for the top 200 companies based in the North East and business news
  • bdaily- North East business news and events