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Jobs on Campus: JobsOC

Newcastle University offers students the opportunity to work on campus for internal departments. Some of this on campus work is managed by the JobsOC team in the Careers Service.

JobsOC Overview

UPDATE: The JobsOC service is still open for students, with lots of assignments being offered both on a remote basis and on campus.

What is JobsOC?

Newcastle University offers students the opportunity to work on campus in a variety of different roles. Some of this on campus work is managed by the JobsOC team in the Careers Service.

There are two types of work available through JobsOC:

Benefits of taking part

  • Flexible work to fit around your studies
  • Develop graduate skills including communication, teamwork and planning and organising
  • Use your work with JobsOC to work towards the ncl+ award!

Pay Levels

JobsOC roles are paid in line with Newcastle University student casual pay rates. Newcastle University is a Real Living Wage employer. This commitment is reflected in the rates of pay for all on-campus student workers.

Students claim online for work undertaken via the My Working Hours app. Payment is made monthly in arrears and is paid directly into your bank account on the last working day of each month.

JobsOC Student Handbook

For more information about student work through JobsOC, see the JobsOC Student Handbook.

Working on Campus

For more information about working on campus, including terms and conditions and eligibility, visit the Working on campus web page.

More information

If you have any questions email us at

JobsOC Temps

JobsOC Temps are a pool of students recruited by the Careers Service to undertake a range of short-term jobs across the University.

Available work assignments are sent by email to JobsOC Temps, with information about the role, working hours and skills needed. The amount of work you are offered will vary depending on the type(s) of work you are looking for, the amount of free time you have during the week and how quickly you respond to job notifications.

Types of jobs

JobsOC Temps undertake a wide range of roles, including administration, customer service, library assistance, event support and much more!

The JobsOC Temps Example Work Assignments (PDF:272KB) document details the types of roles available.

How to apply

JobsOC recruitment is currently closed. Recruitment is expected to open again in October 2022. 


The interview takes approximately 30 minutes and you will be interviewed by two members of staff. Questions will be about the key skills required for the role and about your previous experience.

Application and interview advice

Take a look at our guidance about preparing for interviews. You can even take a practice video interview to help improve your interview skills.

You can get help with interview techniques from the Careers Service. You can also find some useful career workshops and seminars on our Events pages.

JobsOC Internships

JobsOC Internships are paid internships within the university that offer the chance to develop graduate level skills and experience.

Part-time internships are available in term-time, and both full and part-time internships are available during the summer vacation.

We support students and recruiting departments during the recruitment process and for the duration of the internships. We sometimes also provide a financial contribution to recruiting departments to cover some of the internship costs.

Types of Internships

Internships previously offered have included web development, research assistance, market research and project coordination.

Some examples of previous internships are available in the JobsOC Internship Examples document (PDF: 276KB).

How to apply

JobsOC Internships are open to all Newcastle University students (not just to JobsOC Temps) and are advertised on MyCareer, our jobs and work experience platform.

You can search for a list of all JobsOC Internships currently advertising on MyCareer - go to Search > Vacancies, then type in JobsOC Intern into the text search box.

MyCareer allows you to set up alerts and saved searches to make it easier for you to find internship opportunities which meet your search criteria, including JobsOC Internships.

Most JobsOC Internships will require interested candidates to complete an online application form. Applications are shortlisted by the University department that is offering the role, and they may invite shortlisted candidates to attend an interview.

If you require any accessibility adjustments or have any questions, please email Information about the support available from the Careers Service is available at

If you are offered a JobsOC Internship, you will be asked to register as a casual student worker before you begin your internship.