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Mentoring is a way of gaining information, advice and guidance about your future from someone with experience and insight. 

NCL spark can help you find out more about the career areas that interest you, directly from graduates working in those areas.

Search through the profiles of our mentors, by role, company and location.

You can ask them a quick question about their career journey or build a longer-term mentoring partnership.

View the NCL spark Student Agreement video for guidelines on using the platform.

Why join NCL spark?

You can: 

  • connect with a mentor
  • build and develop a professional network
  • receive careers advice from alumni around the world 
  • gain insight into a particular industry or career
  • increase your self-awareness and understand the skills and qualities you can offer future employers 

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors include Newcastle University graduates and other professionals working in a range of sectors who have volunteered to provide you with support and advice.

Contact a mentor to find out:
  • what it’s really like to work in a particular job or organisation
  • what skills, experience and tactics are needed to get into this career
  • how to find relevant work experience
  • how to stand out in applications and interviews

How to join

To access NCL spark and search for mentors:

  • if you're a current student, click on the student login button below and sign in with your usual Newcastle University user ID and password
  • if you're a graduate from Newcastle University, click on the alumni login button below and create an account via the Alumni sign up option

How to search for and approach mentors

To search for mentors:

  1. Log onto NCL spark and click on the Mentoring tab at the top 
  2. Click on Programmes and you should see the eMentoring option
  3. Click on the eMentoring box and then click on the option to Join as a mentee. You’ll need to accept the terms and conditions to be able to search for mentors
  4. You should now be able to search for mentors. You can search by keyword, eg job title, company, degree, or scroll down to Industry to browse profiles

For advice on how to contact mentors, with example emails and questions, see our guide Making your first contact on NCL Spark (PDF: 266KB).  

Further Information

Find out more about making contacts and networking.

For information and advice on specific jobs and sectors, see Explore Occupations.

NCL spark is a joint initiative between Newcastle University Careers Service and the Advancement department. 

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