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Developing Enterprise Module

Developing Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Employability

In a fast changing and highly competitive world, organisations need creative, enterprising and entrepreneurial people. This module aims to help you develop these key attributes and make things happen!

Developing Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Employability is a 20 credit module run over semester one and two. It is available to students in stages 2 or 3 from any degree subject which offers space for optional modules. This module gives you the opportunity to identify real life problems and create innovative solutions to solve these problems.

The module is group based, so you will work in a team with students from diverse academic backgrounds from the outset. Semester 1 will concentrate on identifying problems, generating original solutions and testing your ideas with market research. Semester 2 will focus on developing a sustainable business model to support your idea meaning you will explore key venture creation functions such as marketing, sales, intellectual property and financial sustainability.

The module will demonstrate that being enterprising and entrepreneurial is about creating change, generating ideas that have value and making a difference.

You'll gain practical experience in venture creation and develop invaluable skills for success beyond your degree programme, whether you want to work for yourself or gain employment.

Developing Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Employability - Module Overview


The module teaching style includes a wide variety of methods and you will engage with various activities, including:

  • pre-recorded core lecture content
  • face to face small group teamworking sessions
  • individual practical activities to strengthen learning
  • drop-in surgeries


There are two assessments for this module, one in each semester.

  1. Individual Essay: This 2000 word essay requires you to evaluate your ideation process and the solution you have chosen to develop in semester 2. You will also need to reflect on your personal development through the first semester of the module.

  2. Group Presentation: This 30 minute presentation requires you to present your developed idea in terms of its feasibility, viability and desirability. You will speak as a group for 20 minutes and respond to 10 minutes of Q and A. You will also supply a supporting document to provide further insights.

How to register

You need permission from your degree programme director if the module is not already on your module selection list.

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