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Beware of scam job offers!

Every year (usually around this time) we have a few cases of students and graduates who have come to see us with details of job offers where either our or their suspicions have been raised. While most of us are now aware of email scams offering quick cash, scammers have taken to new methods to con people – and some of these are a lot more difficult to spot.

We don’t want to put you off using online job searches – they can be invaluable and most people using vacancies sites and CV posting sites have no problems at all. We would however recommend taking a few sensible steps to protect yourself from scams:

  • Be wary in cases where you are offered what seems like a fantastic position without even being interviewed, where you are asked for passport or financial details before getting an interview, or where you are told that you will be ‘guaranteed’ a job if you pay a fee for a recommendation letter or to have your CV ‘improved’.
  • Always do your research. Do a Google search to find out who the company is and be aware that scammers sometimes use a bogus website or even a reputable company’s site for their scam. If you are suspicious, search by ‘company name’ and ‘scam’ to see if you can find information about reported scams.
  • If you are unsure come in and speak to us for advice, we may have come across a similar situation or heard of the company before.
  • Don’t waste money on companies that offer to ‘improve’ your CV – for a price. Don’t forget the Careers Service can give our students and recent graduates CV and application form feedback for free.
  • Remember to use your common sense - if an opportunity sounds too good to be true – then it probably is!

published on: 7 January 2018