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Top tips – recruitment fairs dos and don’ts!

Here at the Careers Service, we hold a number of recruitment fairs throughout the year. We’ve pulled together some top tips to help you make the most out of attending.


  • Dress appropriately. The employers will be suited and booted, but they don’t expect you to be. It’s not a good idea to come in shorts and flip flops, or towering heels and a mini-skirt. Smart jeans and a t-shirt are fine – it’s what you say that’s more important.
  • Prepare questions if possible – it will help you to deal with nerves if nothing else! Why not ask things that you can’t find out from their website, perhaps about what day-to-day life is like, or whether they offer community projects?
  • Speak to different staff from the companies that really interest you – they normally send a range of roles.
  • Keep an open mind – there might be companies you’ve never heard of which have great opportunities; companies you think you know might challenge your expectations about their culture and what they do; and some companies might offer roles that you don’t expect. Check the fair guide online or on the day to see what they offer.
  • Come with a notebook – it will help you stand out by looking keen, and help you to remember their advice come application time!


  • There is only one real don’t: don’t just grab the freebies and run! Stay and have a chat instead – they know where you’re coming from and are really keen to talk!


published on: 4 April 2018