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Chris Dawson

Chris Dawson

One Utility Bill

One Utility Bill is a software platform which enables landlords and letting agents to simplify utilities for tenants moving into their new homes.

Our service can combine electricity, gas, water, broadband and TV packages into One Utility Bill, which can be split between housemates and billed weekly or monthly.

What made you decide to start up your own business?

I’ve been interested in entrepreneurship since a young age but mostly I enjoy the creative aspect of building something meaningful.

Tell us about your journey so far

I worked through the idea and launched the service on the Founderships programme. I then progressed onto the Ignite100 accelerator and made a fundamental change in the business, focusing on B2B rather than B2C, and launched a new software platform for landlords and letting agents. We have since raised seed finance to move the business forward.

The biggest challenge we’ve faced so far was dealing with the realisation that that our original target customers, student tenants, didn't care enough about our service to sign up. To overcome this we adapted our business model deliver our services to landlords and letting agents.

What impact have you achieved to date?

We raised a seed round investment of £150k which allowed us to grow the team to 8 and establish ourselves as a leading platform in the lettings market.

What is your key tip for Newcastle University students and graduates currently in the process of setting up a business?

Talk to people as they know more than you.

How was your experience of working with Rise Up?

Rise Ups network and support through the Founderships was critical to developing the first iterations of our service. It’s brilliant that there is such support for students and graduates to access.


Chris Dawson

Company Details

Chris Dawson, One Utility Bill

Course: BA Town Planning, 2014

Business Start Date: 01/09/2014

No. Employees: 8