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I’ve created an electronic care plan system which is to be used in residential care settings. The idea came from my experience in residential care and also my English Language degree, so I’ve combined my experience with my degree and created something that will ease communication in care.

It helps care staff to record information and the information is then used to create statistics that can be used to improve care standards. 

What made you start your own business?

I had grown up with a mum and sister who were care assistants. Seeing the commitment they had to providing care for the residents led to working in care feeling like a natural fit for me. 

After gaining experience as a care assistant, I learned first-hand that passionate and driven staff were being constrained by time due to current working practices. Staff were overwhelmed and frustrated by the paperwork demands that came with their role, while masses of insightful information was being recorded on paper and stored in a cupboard never to be utilised again. 

Working in this environment and coming across these issues, I would always find myself thinking there had to be a better way. I’d found a problem and, inspired by my father who had been in business, the only way for me to solve it was to do it myself.

Achievements so far...

Where to start!? It’s been a rollercoaster journey since September 2016. I designed my first demonstration product and went on to work with a software company to further develop and create a working demo. This has allowed for usability testing within local authority and private sector care homes. Further to this, I have secured the necessary works to complete MiCarePlan and I am currently holding conversations with prospective customers ahead of our launch later this year. 

I have now moved out of my workspace at Kings Gate and I have an office at The Core which is allowing me to expand and network at a fantastic pace. 

At the beginning of the year I won The Business Schools Gaining a Global Advantage Pitch Session, which was great practice in terms of explaining my concept to those who have never worked in care.

In April 2017 I received The Duke of York Young Entrepreneur 2017 Award, presented by HRH Prince Andrew at a ceremony at Huddersfield University. A huge thank you to Newcastle University for putting me forward for this award. 

In May 2017 I won the Careers Service Single Founder of The Year Award and have subsequently been shortlisted for the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award at The Pride of Newcastle Awards held in June 2017. 

Keen to give back to the University wherever I can, I have been invited to speak at this year’s Convocation event. Here I will be exploring how the Careers Service and Alumni have encouraged my success.

I’m also a member of The School of English Advisory Board. I volunteer my time to the school of English. Most recently speaking at their Triple E Challenge Event aimed at encouraging Entrepreneurship. 

Experiences on the Foundership Programme

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Definitely. It’s an amazing platform for people who want to start a business. They don’t just provide you with office space and finances - the contacts that I’ve had through Rise Up and the Founderships Programme have been great. I've met alumni and formed relationships that have built into partnerships, and had conversations with individuals I never thought I would.

Rise Up and the wider careers service have not just been there for me on a professional level over the past year, they have supported me personally too. My careers advisor, Jackie Wade, saw more than a business that needed supporting, she has coached me as an individual. I am now a stronger person for it and better equipped for my future as a Managing Director.

Shantelle Million, Million Care Solutions

What advice would you give to someone starting their own business?

If you’ve not studied business, don’t let that stop you. I would think about applying for the ncl+ award and attend TGIW events run by the Careers Service. Visit King’s Gate and share your idea with the Rise Up team and if you’re thinking about the Founderships Programme, then express that interest too.

As a student or alumni of Newcastle University, the Careers Service is one of the best assets you have available to you. Make the most of it.