Careers Service



This programme of events includes masterclasses, workshops and networking events to help you develop your business or freelance knowledge and ideas, and gain the skills and confidence to establish a successful self-employed career.

External events

We also advertise business start up events offered by external organisations.

Upcoming START UP events

Events will be listed by date below. 

  • Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards 2021

    Win a business support package worth up to £75,000 to scale your business.

    Date/Time: 1-31 March 2021 (Open Call)

  • Santander Universities Freelancers Scheme Funding

    A grant funding opportunity for freelancers working on projects for SMEs to receive £1,000.

    Date/Time: 5 February to 31 March 2021

  • Recorded events and masterclasses

    Recorded content for you to watch in your own time. 

    What to do when you have no ideas

    This 14 minute video on idea generation will give you practical techniques to come up with new (or better) ideas for a business.


    What do customers want?

    This 6 minute video on market research will help you explore how to understand what your customers (or potential customers) want so you can build a viable, profitable business.


    The Future of Work

    This 9 minute video explores trends and predictions, with suggestions to help you future-proof your career through creating your own opportunities.