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Develop an Idea

Develop an Idea

Ideas are great, but knowing what to do with them can be tricky. If you already have an idea for a new product or service which could be transformed into a business, but you're unsure of what your next steps should be, then START UP is here to help!

START UP Essentials

Our series of four interactive workshops are designed to help you gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to turn your product or service idea into a workable business model, with each session tailored towards an essential element of start-up creation. You can expect to make significant progress on developing your idea in a very short period of time.

Workshop 1: Transform it…

This workshop will help you to transform your idea into the first prototype of a business model.

Workshop 2: Test it…

This workshop will demonstrate how to conduct effective market research to test the potential demand for your start-up.

Workshop 3: Market it…

This workshop will teach you how to approach marketing to make your products and services more attractive to your potential customers.

Workshop 4: Finance it…

This workshop will explain start-up costs, cash flow and sources of finance in a jargon-free way, so that you can check if your business idea makes financial sense.

Workshop 5: Pitching Practice

This optional session gives you the opportunity to practice presenting your business idea, answering questions and getting feedback in a friendly environment, so that you can be prepared before approaching potential partners, buyers or even investors.

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START UP, From the seed of an idea

START UP Independent

If you want to work for yourself and sell your skills and time to clients as an independent professional, our four START UP Independent masterclasses will demystify the most important topics to consider when starting out as an independent professional. These masterclasses are delivered by experienced practitioners, last only one hour each and are split over two days.

Session 1 – Setting up

During this session you will get a basic understanding of the essential legal aspects you need to think about when setting up as an independent professional. We will cover how to register to make it all legal, what insurance coverage you might need and what are the basic clauses that need to be included in contracts with clients.

Session 2 – Promoting yourself

As an independent professional, you will spend a lot of time promoting yourself to find more work. This session will help you figure out how to develop your personal brand, use online tools to your advantage and showcase your skills and your work to attract new potential clients.

Session 3 – Keeping on top of your finances

We know that talking about money is scary, so this session is designed to take you through invoicing your clients, tracking your expenses and paying your taxes, in a friendly, jargon-free way. You will leave the room feeling more confident about dealing with your finances as an independent professional.

Session 4 – Taking care of yourself

Sometimes working independently might be a bit overwhelming for a range of different reasons. This session will help you work out what to do if you have doubts about your own skills and experience, provide solutions for finding a balance between your work and personal life, and address how (and why) to stop comparing yourself to other professionals in the same field.

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START UP Bootcamp

Ever considered working in a start-up business? Ever considered starting a business of your own? Want to develop your CV and employability skills? Or do you want to develop your idea and work for yourself?

Whether you have a business idea or have the skills to help take someone else’s idea to the next level, the START UP Bootcamp is for you!

Whatever you have or whatever your need, you will be supported by the START UP team and external experts in marketing, design, branding, finance, legal and programming.

In one weekend, teams will take an idea and turn it into a business! The START UP Bootcamp culminates in a final presentation where teams pitch their idea, their journey and present their very own start-up story!

Prizes are awarded to individuals and teams based on who has been on the biggest journey - how they identified, approached and overcame problems, and how they worked as a team.

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