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Financial Support

Financial Support

Find out about fees for medicine courses and possible sources of funding.

Costs and funding support

See Medicine and Surgery (Accelerated Programme) for information about tuition fees for the four-year accelerated course at Newcastle.

Check with your course providers about their fees and the support available. Funding entitlement to study medicine varies depending on your personal circumstances, whether you live in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales and whether you have done a first degree. 

NHS financial support

Students on medical degrees recognised by the General Medical Council may be eligible for financial help from the NHS for a part of their course, though eligibility criteria also apply. Contact your chosen institution to find out if the course you are applying to is an approved course and attracts NHS financial support.

Medical students whose country of residence is England may be supported with some of their fees through the NHS Bursary Scheme during the later stages of their training.

This is irrespective of which home country their medical school is situated in.

Medical students living in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland should consult the relevant national authorities.

Several universities also offer an alumni discount. Check with your current institution.

Further information

Other sources of support are available, including professional and career development loans. Visit Funding Further Study for more information.