Careers Service

Careers Service Placement Year

Once you’ve checked who manages your placement year, follow the steps below to get started with a Careers Service placement year. If it's not managed by the Careers Service, see School managed placement year instead.

1. Register your interest

Let us know you're interested in finding out more about placements by registering your interest below. We will contact you throughout your placement search with information, events and opportunities.

2. Start looking for placements

Start researching and applying for placements using My Career and finding placements.

You can attend workshops, and use our drop in service for more help. We also offer employer events for you to speak to recruiters face-to-face.

You can choose to do one placement lasting 9-12 months, or you can do two placements which last at least 4.5 months each. If you are considering a specific part-time placement, please contact with more information.

3. Inform us if you receive an offer

Once you have a firm offer of employment, fill in the Placement Approval form.

We will consider the information you have provided, and then contact the employer. This is to confirm the details you have submitted, and to request health and safety information. The length of time this takes will vary depending on the employer.

The 2019/20 deadline for anyone doing an overseas placement is 17 May 2019. The deadline for all students with a placement in the UK is 31 July 2019.

4. Receive ongoing support

While on placement, you'll be allocated a Placements Adviser who can discuss any personal or workplace issues you are facing. You'll also receive information about the Careers Service Placement Year Module, and have contact with a module tutor.

If you have any questions about the Careers Service Placement Year, visit the Careers Service, or email us.