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Finding Placements

Finding placements

There are two main ways to find a placement year. Apply for advertised placements, and seek out hidden opportunities by networking and applying speculatively.

Getting Started

Getting started

Our 14 minute presentation on 'How to find a year-long placement' covers:

  • where to look for a year-long placement
  • how to look most effectively
  • where to find additional information and support

To view the presentation with subtitles, click the cc button in the player. You can also view a full screen version

You can also use our Preparing to Find a Placement pathway before you begin searching and applying for placement years. You'll be guided through a number of levels and activities that we have identified as key in making sure you are ready for your placement search. 

Where to look

Further support

For more support and ideas, use our Searching and Applying for Placements pathway.