Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Operating Hours

Our standard operating hours are Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 17.00.  Additional staffing costs of £15 per hour per member of staff may be applied for events after 17.00, at weekends or on Bank Holidays.  Please contact us for more information.

Notice Periods for Bookings

We require three working days' notice as a minimum for bookings taking place during our standard operating hours.  For events after 17.00, at weekends or on Bank Holidays we require a minimum of seven working days' notice.

We try and assist wherever possible with last minute requests although we can't guarantee availability.

Minimum Order Value

Monday to Friday during standard operating hours, £10 per delivery.

Final Numbers

Final numbers are required five working days prior to your event.  If numbers reduce after this time you will still be charged, please see below.


We order well in advance of events so incur costs even if you cancel your event.

Type of EventLess than four hours prior to your eventPrior to the day of your eventOn the day of your eventLess than three working days before your eventLess than five working days before your eventMore than five working days before your event
Beverages only 100% charge 0% charge 0% charge 0% charge 0% charge 0% charge
Sandwiches and Buffet Lunches 100% charge 100% charge 100% charge 50% charge 0% charge 0% charge
Formal Lunches and Dinners 100% charge 100% charge 100% charge 100% charge* 75% charge* 0% charge


For internal bookings, we require a Cost Centre or WBS element to confirm your booking.

If you are booking on behalf of an external client, we require a purchase order from them providing full contact address details (including email address) for invoicing purposes.

Checking Your Order

It is your responsibility to check all details of your booking when we send the order confirmation. Please advise if any element of the booking requires amending as we can't be held responsible for errors if these are not advised at the time of confirmation.

Sale or Return

We offer sale or return on unopened bottles of wine returned within two working days of your event.

Serving Staff

If you require serving staff to attend your event, please notify at the time of booking.  Please contact us to discuss pricing and availability.