Residential Catering

Residential Catering (Castle Leazes)

We offer full catering packages to all students and associates currently living in Newcastle University accommodation.

What we offer

We offer full catering packages covering Monday-Friday to save you time and money; you can choose from package options including breakfast-only, dinner-only or both, and can expect great quality, fresh and nutritional meals.

The dining facilities in Castle Leazes are available to all NU students and guests (no matter where you live); it's a fantastic place to meet new people and socialise. If you're a self-catered student, you can 'pay as you eat' in the dining hall, or buy into the fully catered package at any point during the year. 

You'll benefit from a wide range of choice, including continental or traditional breakfasts and a three-course evening meal (consisting of a variety of options including vegetarian starters and mains, as well as traditional/healthy desserts).

Students enjoying dinner in the Eustace Percy dining hall, Castle Leazes.


The menus change each term, and we also serve different dishes each week (on a 3-week rotation) so that you won't get bored! See what's on here:

Opening hours

Breakfast is served Monday to Friday between 07.50 and 10.30.
The evening meal is served Monday to Friday between 17.00 and 20.00.


The packages can be purchased annually or termly, with the average cost of £3.80 per each meal when purchased as an annual package (which is lower than the cost of single-purchase meals).

Full year package
Breakfast + Dinner £1,182.65 per year (£3.80 per meal)
Term package (9-11 weeks)
Breakfast only £162-198 per term* (£18 per week)
Dinner only £270-330 per term* (£30 per week)
Breakfast + dinner £360-440 per term* (£40 per week)
Single meals
Breakfast £4.75 per meal
Dinner £6.95 per meal

* Please note the price depends on the length of each term.


To book your package, please visit our Webstore.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, or visit our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts.