Your Safety

Enjoy your food in a safe environment


What you can expect from us in

With the world looking a little bit different in 2021 in light of Covid-19, we will make sure that you can dine with us in a way that is safe.

To make your experience worry-free, we will allocate your household with a table, which will be yours during breakfast and dinner. Your household will consist of your flat only whilst social distancing rules stay in place.

The dining hall is located in the central building, and we will show you to your own table on your first day; don’t worry if you forget where it is, as a table planner will be on display to help you find your way. To find the central building, see our map.

The dining hall will be split into two sections, each with a unique one-way system and friendly staff who will help direct you – but you will soon know the drill! When you arrive for your meal, we will place the dish of your choice on the plate for you (at least in term one), but you are more than welcome to take your food to your room – just ask us. Your table will have cutlery, cups as well as water and juice waiting for you when you arrive; when you finish your meals, simply leave your plate and cutlery at the clearing station.

Please help us keep everyone safe by following the one-way system, using the hand sanitisers available when entering and leaving the area, and wearing a face covering when walking to or from your table. 

All self-isolating students in catered accommodation will be provided with breakfast, lunch and an evening meal, 7 days a week, at no additional cost, until the end of the self-isolation period. This will be delivered to your flat or available to collect from a designated pick up point depending on government guidance.