Centre for Behaviour and Evolution

Staff Profile

Dr Heather Slater

Policy & Information Administrator


I am currently working with the Policy and Information team in King's Gate and am responsible for assisting with various aspects of the research systems and website.

I am also affiliated with The Institute of Neuroscience and am participating in ongoing research in the Auditory Lab.


PhD Newcastle University

MSc University of Westminster

BSc(Hons) University of Central Lancashire

Previous Positions

Research Associate in Auditory Group

Lab Manager in Lab of Comparative Neuropsychology

Research Assistant in Lab of Comparative Neuropsychology


My research interests include cognitive processing and the structural and functional organisation of the brain. My previous work has investigated this aspect in terms of evolutionary differences in functional organisation specifically related to the auditory cortex, and structural differences relating to language and auditory task proficiency in the adolescent brain.


My most recent research post was in the Auditory Group at The Institute of Neuroscience working on a project involving auditory and phonological processing in the adolescent brain. The project aims to identify anatomical differences in the brains of adolescents dependent upon their proficiency with auditory sequence learning and linguistic abilities. We are still working towards publication of the results of this work.

While working in The Lab of Comparative Neuropsychology, I completed a PhD involving the investigation of lateralisation of auditory cortex under differing attentional states in the rhesus macaque. This was in conjunction with an animal welfare aspect which aimed to refine training and data collection methods in non-human primates involved in neuroscience procedures. During this time I was also integral to a collaborative research project with Helsinki University which investigated audio-visual selective attention in macaques.

I also have a strong and long held interest in the effects of sleep on learning and mental health, and completed a project relating to this for my MSc dissertation.