Centre for Behaviour and Evolution

Staff Profile

Dr Sophie Meekings

Research Associate



BA (Hons) Linguistics, Newcastle University (1st Class)

MSc Language Sciences (Linguistics and Neuroscience), University College London (Distinction)

PhD Cognitive Neuroscience, 'The role of the superior temporal gyrus in auditory feedback control of speech production'. University College London


My research is about how people control their voices. 

- What are your 'goals' when you speak- acoustic? Articulatory? Communicative? How do you ensure that you're meeting these goals?

- What's the mechanism behind our ability to modulate our voices depending on the situation (for example, in noisy environments)? How much of it is an involuntary response, and is it influenced by other contextual factors?

- What happens when people have difficulty controlling their voices- in particular, people who stammer? Why do some things, like talking in noise, make it easier for some people who stammer to speak fluently? Why do these 'fluency-enhancing techniques' work for some people but not others?