Centre for Earth Systems Engineering Research

About Us

About Us

We analyse the design, engineering and management of human, environmental and engineered systems.

River basin surveying

The potential of technology to help solve many of the world's most pressing problems is widely recognised. This ranges from climate change to resource scarcity and poverty.

Rationally managing and engineering the Earth's systems is a hugely complex task.

We research the management of the physical infrastructure systems that sustain society. These must in future be based on analysis of interacting technological, human and natural systems. These are for an unprecedented range of spatial and temporal scales.

To realise this vision we are working on a new generation of techniques, tools and system-scale applications.

Climate change

The urgent need for adaptation to climate change is now recognised at the highest level of government. Engineers have a central role in developing solutions to this complex systems problem.

The models, techniques and tools that are required to manage complex coupled technological, human and natural systems do not yet exist.

Decisions are being made without sufficient understanding of:

  • long term changes
  • impacts
  • interactions
  • uncertainties

The implications for sustainability are critical.

Our work

We use our knowledge to inform the sustainable management of these complex systems. We do this through development of data acquisition, simulation, decision analysis and visualisation tools and techniques. These underpin the sustainable management of infrastructure systems.

We provide analyses, tools and demonstrations. These enable practical responses to the challenges of intensifying global change.

We tackle the complexity of coupled technological, human and natural systems, at a range of spatial and temporal scales.

Our research is shaping the management of long term change and associated uncertainties of civil engineering systems. In particular for:

  • river basins
  • urban areas
  • infrastructure networks

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