Centre for Earth Systems Engineering Research

ESE 2012

ESE 2012

Newcastle University hosted a technical symposium on Earth Systems Engineering on 3-5 July 2012.

The focus of the symposium was on systems engineering for sustainable adaptation to global change.

It brought together a wide range of individuals who are applying Earth Systems Engineering (ESE) principles, to share their experiences.

Engineering Sustainability Journal

A number of papers were selected for publication in a special issue of Engineering Sustainability. Access Vol 166, Issue 5 online.

We have a number of printed copies of the proceedings available. If you'd like a copy, email richard.dawson@newcastle.ac.uk 

Event downloads

Download the presentations and full proceedings from this event.

Full ESE2012 Proceedings (PDF 4,959Kb)
You can now download a low resolution pdf of the full symposium proceedings for ESE2012. High resolution and print versions available on request.

Welcome: A technical symposium on systems engineering for sustainable adaptation to global change  (PDF 1,127Kb)
Richard Dawson - Newcastle University, UK

Advanced Natural Ventilation Technologies for Sustainable Development (PDF 1,271Kb)
Ben Hughes - University of Leeds, UK

A Geoengineering Perspective (PDF 421Kb)
Brad Allenby - Arizona State University, USA

The Metabolism of Coupled Human-Built-Natural Systems (PDF 651Kb)
Bruce Beck - The University of Georgia, USA

Catchment Systems Engineering (PDF 1,545Kb)
Chris Kilsby - Newcastle University, UK

Urban and infrastructure futures (PDF 1,391Kb)
Dexter Hunt - Birmingham University, UK

Evaluating Strategies for Adaptation Investment in a Highly Variable Climate (PDF 893Kb)
Enda O’Connell - Newcastle University, UK

Spatial modelling and web-GIS tools for climate change adaptation planning in urban areas (PDF 1,231Kb)
Gina Cavan - University of Manchester, UK

Reflections from a practitioner (PDF 978Kb)
Jennifer Schooling - Arup, Newcastle UK

Infrastructure as the key to unlocking short-termism (PDF 1,552Kb)
Jim Hall - University of Oxford, UK

Cities as Geoengineering Building Blocks (PDF 4,110Kb)
Jon Fink - Portland State University, USA

Semantic 3D City Models for Urban Information Fusion & City Lifecycle Management (PDF 3,197Kb)
Thomas Kolbe - Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Next Generation Infrastructures (PDF 2,115Kb)
Margot Weijnen - TU Delft, the Netherlands

Approach Towards Sustainability of Growing Cities: An Indian Case Study (PDF 699Kb)
Khare Mukesh - IIT Delhi, India

The challenges of assessing the cost of geoengineering (PDF 547Kb)
Nem Vaughan - University of East Anglia, UK

Critical materials for low-carbon infrastructure: the analysis of local vs global properties (PDF 1,108Kb)
Phil Purnell - University of Leeds, UK

The Loughborough University TEmperature Network (LUTEN): Rationale and analysis of stream temperature variations (PDF 1,436Kb)
Rob Wilby - Loughborough University, UK

Analysis of infrastructure networks (PDF 1,596Kb)
Sean Wilkinson - Newcastle University, UK

Urban Integrated Assessment: Spatial Analytical Methods & Tools (PDF 1,691Kb)
Stuart Barr - Newcastle University, UK

Complex Adaptive Systems Engineering - improving our understanding of complex systems and reducing their risk (PDF 755Kb)
Theresa Brown - Sandia National Laboratories, USA

Eco-vulnerability assessment and urban eco-zoning for global climate change - A case study of Shanghai, China (PDF 4,466Kb)
Xiangrong Wang - Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Modelling of Evolving Cities and Urban Water Systems (PDF 4,376Kb)
Christian Urich - University of Innsbruck, Austria