Centre for Earth Systems Engineering Research




Our informatics programme is concerned with the modelling of physical processes.

We look at how information is:

  • analysed, collected and classified
  • manipulated and stored
  • retrieved and disseminated 

Hydroinformatics programme

We have an extensive hydroinformatics programme. It addreses:

  • urban flood modelling (CityCAT)
  • catchment hydrology (SHETran)
  • rainfall and weather simulation (Rainsim, UKCP09 weather generator)
  • water resource systems modelling (Upper Thames Water Resource model and the UK water resource model)

Some of these can be downloaded or accessed from the Software page.

GeoInformatics programme

Our GeoInformatics programme deals with the management and efficient use of the large and complex datasets generated by monitoring and modelling activities. 

It represents a substantial research challenge for spatial-temporal databases. 

Database facilities for Earth Systems Engineering applications

We are developing geospatial-temporal database facilities for Earth Systems Engineering applications. This will fuse multi-source geospatial data. 

We're creating suite of spatial data-mining, correlation and knowledge discovery tools. These will be used to extract relevant variables. 

This will facilitate the deployment of our simulation models and decision-support tools. 

Examples include:

  • modelling our environment spatially to simulate and predict the effects of climate change
  • using satellite imagery to track landscape change in remote areas
  • integrating real-time data into real-time modelling