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Twitter for flood modelling.


The Integrated Twitter Urban Real-time Flood model (iTURF) will use data provided by the public to simulate urban flooding caused by intense rainfall in real-time. 

The results are then fed back to the public through social media and an online map showing the most likely affected areas.

Visit the full iTURF website for full details of the programme.

How you can help

Anyone with a Twitter account in the Tyne and Wear area can help us. 

Your help will mean that our simulation results will be improved. This will then provide you with a more accurate picture of the state of the flooding. This will help you know which roads to avoid and which routes to take.

You'll be helping the relevant authorities. This includes those responsible for drainage, planning, and highways. You'll give them a better picture of how events unfolded. This will enable better preparation for any future events.

Messages from social media are analysed automatically. You you can help us by identifying where our system has misunderstood a message, or if it's missed key information that might be useful. 

We will provide further information about this at a later date.