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Thames Estuary Flood Maps

Thames Estuary Flood Maps

Mapping extreme sea level rise scenarios.


The EU FP5 ATLANTIS project explored the impacts of accelerated sea level rise scenarios. Download an overview of the project (PDF: KB).

As part of the London case study, 96 extreme flood simulations were set up using the LISFLOOD-FP software.  

Following several requests, the results have been made available for others to use.

Using the tool

Download a ZIP archive of 96 flood outlines. [insert zip file]

These are for extreme sea level rise scenarios in the Thames Estuary. The zip archive contains a series of 3x28 ASCII raster files of maximum flood depth.

The filename indicates tidal flood barrier scenario:

  • Thames - no change to current defence system
  • Canvey - new barrier at Canvey Island
  • Sheppey - new barrier between Southend and the Isle of Sheppey

Referencing the tool

Dawson, RJ, Hall JW, Bates PD and Nicholls RJ (2005) Quantified Analysis of the Probability of Flooding in the Thames Estuary under Imaginable Worst-case Sea Level Rise ScenariosInternational Journal of Water Resources Development21(4), 577-591. 

Lonsdale K, Downing T, Nicholls R, Parker D, Vafeidis A, Dawson RJ, Hall JW (2008) Plausible responses to the threat of rapid sea-level rise in the Thames EstuaryClimatic Change91(1-2), 145-169.