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UKCP09 Weather Generator

UKCP09 Weather Generator

CESER developed a web database and co-developed a weather generator for the 2009 UK Climate Projections (UKCP09).


Regional and global climate model projections can only provide so much information. Vulnerability, impacts and adaptation assessments often require higher temporal and spatial resolution climate information. 

DEFRA commissioned a weather generator tool that could be used within the context of the UKCP09 projections. 

The aim was to ensure UK climate projections  can be used in practical decision-making and engineering design.

About the tool

The UKCP09 Weather Generator is a downscaling tool. It can be used to generate statistically plausible daily and hourly time series at a 5km resolution. These are consistent with the underlying 25km resolution climate projections.

The weather generator builds on well-established research pioneered by CESER researchers (Kilsby et al., 1998). It was created in collaboration with the University of East Anglia.

Find out more about the method and UKCP09.

Using the tool

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DEFRA recommends the weather generator to investigate:

  • local scale climate impacts
  • some types of extreme events
  • a sub-sample of selected probabilistic projections’ distribution
  • the risk of thresholds being exceeded
  • a representative daily climate sequence