Centre for Earth Systems Engineering Research

Systems Modelling

Systems Modelling


We focus on coupled modelling to support system management decisions. We model across a range of scales incorporating multiple technological, human and natural processes.

Earth Systems Engineering lies on the interface between technological, human and natural systems. In the past, interactions between these systems have been treated in rather simplified terms. 

The human dimension of system behaviour needs to be more completely and realistically represented in the analysis of coupled technological, human and natural systems. Until this happens, sustainable systems management will not be achieved in practice.

Research programme

Our research programme extends through a range of methods for quantified socio-economic analysis. It is based on:

  • land use simulation
  • process modelling
  • agent-based models 
  • economic modelling

An example of our simulation and analysis is our integrated assessment of climate change in cities. In order to inform the development of adaptation strategies in urban areas, we're combining:

  • regional economic modelling
  • land use simulation
  • climate downscaling 
  • physically based modelling of climate impacts