National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

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Dr Behzad Kazemtabrizi
Behzad Kazemtabrizi

Behzad is Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Electrical Engineering in the Department of Engineering at Durham University.

His principal research interests are in advanced electrical power systems modelling, analysis, simulation and optimisation for improving performance and reliability of future flexible power systems.

His recent research includes working on flexible power systems, especially hybrid AC/DC networks with an outlook of planning and optimising the operation of such systems. In this context, he is interested at looking at operational aspects in which the controllability and reliability of the system is improved by employing flexible power flow control. This research area focuses on both large-scale integration of HVDC systems within existing AC transmission systems as well as integration of AC/DC networks in distribution networks.

Behzad works on a number of CESI Work Packages, including:

  • WP6       Multi-scale Architectures, Planning & Operation