National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Staff Profile

Laura Brown

Energy Research Programme Manager



Chartered engineer with twenty-five years’ experience in a professional role. Research, leadership, programme management and cost control achievements with proven skills in business development, manufacturing and research and development.  

Current roles and responsibilities
  • Centre Manager, EPSRC National Centre for Energy Systems Integration
  • Energy Research Programme Manager, Newcastle University
  • Fellow of Newcastle University Policy Academy
  • Co-investigator, WES Energise your life
  • Lead Researcher, HyTyNE - The role of hydrogen in the North East of England 
  • Researcher - Mapping the capability and value of professional support to University Policy Engagement 
  • MSc Renewable Energy
  • PgDip Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • BSc Physical Science for Microelectronics
  • Chartered Engineer
Current Memberships, Committees and Steering Groups 
  • Associate Editor in IET Energy Systems Integration
  • Borderlands Energy Masterplanning Board
  • Northern Gas Networks Customer Engagement Group
  • Energy Networks Association Gas Goes Green Advisory Group 
  • Member of IET - Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Member of ARMA - Association of Research Managers and Administrators
  • NU Women in Engineering 
  • NU Policy Academy Special Advisory Group
  • WES50 2020 Winner
Previous positions
  • Principal Project Engineer and Executive Director, Narec Distributed Energy Limited
  • Senior Photovoltaic Process Technologist, National Renewable Energy Centre 
  • Senior Principal Technical Technology Development Engineer (Lithography & OPC), Atmel NTS
Previous research projects
  • Principal Investigator, Investigation of Future Capabilities of Renewable Energy Systems for Siemens Gamesa
  • Co-Investigator, North of Tyne Energy System Case Study
  • Co-Director, Werin - Women's Energy Research and Industry Network 


EPSRC National Centre for Energy Systems Integration 

In my role as CESI Centre Manager, I take a lead role in coordinating the broad range of multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional energy systems research of the Centre. We are investigating the value of taking a whole energy systems approach to the UK's energy future and what that means in regards to technology, infrastructure, policy and regulation. The Centre is working closely with industry and government and researching energy supply, infrastructure, storage and demand. 

Women's Whole Energy Systems Research and Industry Network (Werin)

With Dr Sara Walker, I am a Co-director of this Network organisation. The Werin network seeks to provide a platform to showcase the positive impact that women bring to the Energy Sector. The purpose of the network is to provide networking opportunities and professional support to women. We provide a collaborative program of interdisciplinary cross-sector networking and showcase opportunities. The network is funded in part by Newcastle University, the EPSRC National Centre for Energy Systems Integration, the EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub and the UKERC Whole Systems Networking Fund.

To maximise the impact of this funding Werin will partner with energy sector organisations such and other women’s energy networks such as Women in Transport to further maximise the reach of the network.


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