National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Staff Profile

Dr Amy Wilson
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Amy is research assistant in statistical modelling for energy systems in the School of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh. Applications she has worked on include the modelling of extremes for capacity adequacy studies (assessing the risk of shortfalls), emulation of large scale energy planning models and decision-making under uncertainty.

Her research interests include:

  • statistics in energy systems
  • forensic statistics
  • applied statistics
  • emulation
  • statistics of extremes
  • evidence evaluation

Prior to coming to Edinburgh, Amy worked as a research associate in the quantification of uncertainty for large scale energy models at Durham University. Her PhD, at the University of Edinburgh, was in statistical modelling for the evaluation of forensic evidence. This focused on the evaluation of autocorrelated evidential data, in particular for evidence relating to traces of cocaine on banknotes.

Amy works on several CESI Work Packages, including:

  • WP3          Infrastructure & Storage
  • WP6          Multi-scale Architectures, Planning & Operation