Research Centre for Learning and Teaching

News & Events

News and Events

We work hard to create and promote a vibrant research culture, which helps to facilitate and enable researchers at all stages of their research careers through events and activities.

CfLaT Showcase Events

The CfLaT annual research showcase offers teachers, students, school leaders, educational practitioners, academics and policy makers a chance to find out about recent research activities and outcomes. In a slight change to our programme, we will be taking a break this year and hope to return in 2022.

Research Teas

Our Research Teas encourage dialogue with other researchers in the university and enable newer members of staff to informally present ideas and work in early stages, kick around outcomes and methods, and relate research to teaching.

Research Away Days

Centre and Core and Associate members meet once per term for an Away Day, which is a forum where we meet to review (and celebrate) the year’s progress towards targets and goals, and to review - and modify - medium and long-term strategies. The focus of each day varies, but can typically include a review of Research Plans, identification of partners and strategic planning of funding applications, impact, bid and publication writing. 

Guidance Group Meetings

These monthly meetings (the first Wednesday of every month, 12 noon in room 2.50) are attended by a selection of CfLaT members, each representing a different working area of the School. The Group discusses issues such as the Centre Business Plan, possible Fellows and visiting speakers.

Partners Meetings

We try and hold regular meetings with potential partners, where we meet to exchange ideas, explore synergies, and discuss possible collaboration opportunities. When they do take place, they are on the third Wednesday of every month, 12-1pm in the Centre Base. However, in the current pandemic we now meet virtually. Please do get in touch if you would like to book a meeting with us!

Upcoming meetings:

We have no scheduled meetings, but if you would like to discuss any opportunity, please do get in touch.


Past meetings:

Wednesday 17th April at 12-1pm in room 2.50 (centre base). Our guest this meeting was Stephanie Bingham, Programme Director of NETSP (North East Teaching Schools Partnership) based in the North Leadership Centre here in ECLS, who is interested in exploring potential collaborative links with CfLaT as they design their new leadership programme for executive leaders in education. They are particularly interested in school improvement models across more than one school, curriculum design and alignment, behaviour and inclusion in multi-school organisations. The programme is aimed at people who will be heading up multi school organisations, but there is an emphasis on ensuring that the disadvantaged don't get left behind.

Wednesday 20th Feb 2019. This was initiated by an Arrow Consultant (Glen Kemp), employed by the university to facilitate links with SMEs.  The visitor was Julian Plumley who has developed a software package (he has a working model, trialed with Y12s) for teaching argumentation to upper secondary and UG age ranges.