Centre for Health and Bioinformatics

Centre for Health and Bioinformatics

A Cross-faculty Research Centre

Bringing together researchers in bioinformatics and health informatics.

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The Centre for Health and Bioinformatics (CHaBi) is a Newcastle University research centre, set up to address the following aims:

  • The identification and coordination of local expertise
  • The integration of research teams across the University of Newcastle with common aims towards collaboration
  • Enhance support for bioinformatics and health informatics using mechanisms such as delivery through the Newcastle University Bioinformatics Support Unit (BSU)
  • Train the next generation of bioinformaticians and health informaticians whilst exploring the complementarity between the two fields
  • Raise the national and international profile of Newcastle University bioinformatics and health informatics research

Membership of the centre is open to all. Please sign up to become a member of the centre and receive updates of the centre’s activities.‌

This site is no longer maintained due to restructuring of University Centres. Please see the bioinformatics support unit page for bioinformatics support.