Centre for Health and Bioinformatics


About Us

The Centre for Health and Bioinformatics is made up of three groups.

Management Board

Our management group is led by Professor Anil Wipat, Director of CHaBi, and Tim Goodship, Clinical Director. This is the operational heart of the Centre for Health and Bioinformatics. The group holds monthly meetings to drive forward and implement the operational aspects of the centre.


Scientific Committee

This is a wider group of people who are responsible for strategic elements of the centre. They contribute on a more practical level of health and bioinformatics across Newcastle University.

General Membership

This is our health and bioinformatics community, both within and outside of Newcastle University. Anyone with an interest in health and bioinformatics can join our network. You will receive relevant news and updates, and your name and contact details will be displayed on our website to enable greater connectivity between health and bioinformatics groups.