Centre for Health and Bioinformatics


  • Professor Iain Buchan presents: Informatics for Health Needs Informatics of Place

    Date/Time: Thursday 9th June, 13.00-14.00

    Venue: Baddiley-Clark Seminar Room, Ground Floor, Institute of Health and Society, Richardson Road, NE2 4AX

  • Introduction to Practical Bioinformatics and RNA-Seq Analysis

    Date/Time: 26th-28th February 2019

    Venue: Med L2.7, Medical School

  • CHaBi Seminar - Alexander Henzing

    Date/Time: 26th May 2017 13.00

    Venue: Room G21/22 Devonshire Building

  • Using single-cell RNA-sequencing to understand cell fate decisions in early development

    Invited lecture from Dr John Marioni CRUK Cambridge Institute & European Bioinformatics Institute

    Date/Time: 16.00 - 17.00 15 March 2018

    Venue: Research Beehive room 2.21

  • The Landscape of Alternative Splicing during Ageing and Calorie Restriction across the Mouse Lifespan

    Invited lecture from Dr Sushma Nagaraja Grellscheid, Assistant Professor Department of Biosciences, Durham University, UK

    Date/Time: 16.00 - 17.00 08 February 2018

    Venue: Lecture Theatre West Wing ICfL

  • Weekly BSU meetings

    Date/Time: Tuesday Mornings at 11am

    Venue: FMS - various venues

  • Bioinformatics Drop-in Session

  • Bioinformatics Drop-in Session March 2018

  • Bioinformatics Drop-in Session January 2018

  • Bioinformatics Drop-in Session November

    Date/Time: FMS Ridley Atrium

  • The functional impact of alternative splicing in cell differentiation and cancer

    Date/Time: 07 November 2017 at 13.00

    Venue: ICfL – Biomedicine West Lecture Theatre

  • CHaBi Lecture series - Prof. Marcus Kaiser

    Prof. Marcus Kaiser presents The Human Connectome: Linking Brain Network Features to Healthy and Pathological Information Processing

    Date/Time: 19th October 2017, 16.00 - 17:00

    Venue: Percy Building G.05

  • UK Bioinformatics Core Facilities Meeting

    Date/Time: 4th and 5th July 2017

    Venue: Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne

  • CHaBi seminar - Paul Burton

    Date/Time: 18th May 2017 16.00

    Venue: Baddiley-Clark Seminar Room

  • Command line bioinformatics and high-throughput sequencing analysis

    Date/Time: 4th - 6th April 2017

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