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The Landscape of Alternative Splicing during Ageing and Calorie Restriction across the Mouse Lifespan

Visiting speaker - Dr Sushma Nagaraja Grellscheid

Date/Time: 16.00 - 17.00 08 February 2018

Venue: Lecture Theatre West Wing ICfL

This presentation will provide a snapshot of gene expression and alternative splicing analysis carried out on RNA-seq data from mouse liver tissue at multiple ages across the life span. The samples analysed were part of the Newcastle Main Study carried out at the Institute for Ageing, and consist of a cohort that aged normally, and one that aged slowly as a result of being placed under 40% calorie restriction.

I will use this dataset to illustrate the analysis of time-course data including clustering analyses and functional annotation to uncover patterns of co-regulated gene expression that are perturbed during ageing, and rescued by calorie restriction.  Furthermore, I will present recent results showing that age-related gene expression changes, especially in very old age are primarily driven by alternative splicing switches.

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