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Introduction to Practical Bioinformatics and RNA-Seq Analysis

This course is supported by a BBSRC Strategic Training Award for Research Skills. It is therefore offered free of charge to Newcastle University and BBSRC-funded researchers.

Date/Time: 26th-28th February 2019

Venue: Med L2.7, Medical School

The aim of this course is to introduce scientists to the command-line interface and the R programming environment. We will start from the basics (not assuming any prior knowledge).
The course begins with an introduction to the Linux command-line, covering essential core utilities before moving on to introduce command-line BLAST and shell scripting.
The second day will focus on further development of shell scripting and text processing skills, and will include an introduction to the R statistical programming environment, introducing Tidyverse for data handling.
The final day of the course covers important aspects of Bioinformatics and the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data. We cover RNA-Seq Analysis in R, including the popular DESeq2 package for differential gene expression analysis.