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The CHaBi Bioinformatics Expertise Hub

Life Scientists often need bioinformatics tools, technologies and approaches that do not yet exist. Reciprocal research collaboration between a life scientist and a bioinformatics researcher is a productive way forward. The Hub provides a pool of potential collaborators that may be willing partners for joint life science research with a novel bioinformatics research component.

The Hub complements the work of the Bioinformatics Support Unit (BSU) by seeking to establish genuine collaborations between life scientists and bioinformatics researchers. Projects arising from your collaborations may also involve the BSU to support any service related aspect of the project.

Hub members have bioinformatics expertise across a number of areas that could contribute in the form of a joint research project towards the development of new bioinformatics tools, techniques and approaches, or involve novel methods for the analysis of bioinformatics data.

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If you would like to be part of the CHaBi hub, please contact chabi-admin@newcastle.ac.uk