Centre for Health and Bioinformatics


Kieran Finney

Research Assistant and PhD Student


- Assist in on-going research projects, mainly molecular biological lab work focusing on the effect of chronic Vitamin A loading

- Transmission Electron Microscope analysis of Stellate cell samples for markers Hypervitaminosis A

- RT-qPCR of tissue samples for genetic markers of hypervitaminosis A and it's taxological effects

- Member of the Centre for Health and Bioinformatics (CHaBI), Newcastle University

- Cell Tissue Culture Trained

- Phlebotomist


I am currently a PhD researcher in Nutritional Toxicology investigating the cross-pay between nutrients and xenobiotics on human and animal health. My current work focuses on the relationship between Retinoids and Aflatoxins. I also demonstrates for practical classes on the undergraduate nutrition degree programme at Newcastle.

Alongside my own research I assist on a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded project; “Assessing the risk of vitamin A toxicity due to large scale food fortification and other interventions“ led by Prof. Georg Lietz. The overall outcome of this work will be the determination of safe upper levels of vitamin A intake to aid in the monitoring of vitamin A intervention regimens and thereby optimisation of the efficacy of vitamin A intervention programmes.


Post-Graduate Demonstrator

NUT2003 - Food Science and Technology
NUT2002 - Experimental Human Nutrition